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Push Factors

  1. Migration, movement of people, especially of whole groups, from one place, region, or country to another, particularly with the intention of making permanent settlement in a new location. Humans have migrated since their emergence as a species. Their original differentiation into ethnic groups appears to have been a result of the isolated development of separate groups of people who migrated from a central point of origin, perhaps in Africa or Central Asia. Even in the Stone Age, however, this isolation was not complete, for migrations resulted in a complicated pattern of blood relationships through widely separated groups.


2. Push Factors:

Conditions that drive people to leave their homes

Land scarce in home country
Political and/or religious persecution


  1. A)War



  1. A)Food



D)Religious Perspective

E)Natural Disasters

F)Political Protest

G)Fear of losing wealth

H)Over Crowding



Analysis Section


  1. Yes I can, the only group of constantly migrating creatures I know of are animals. Hey constantly move from spot to spot, depending on all sorts of factors. These factors include weather, temperature, elevation, food, humidity, surroundings, and predators.
  2. I think this would effect your live Marjory because all this moving around would practically isolate you with in your community and any contact outside of it would be useless and only last for a while until you move again. Also the community you live in for your whole life would become like your family and you would share everything you have with everyone else.
  3. Groups of refugees hundreds of thousands of people in size would be a very big problem for organizations to help them because they are so many of them but you cant help them all, so you gotta just help the ones that need help the most and then help the others I guess.
  4. Yes there probably are other push factors such as any emotional feelings or bonds you might have with your country or another country so you must migrate or maybe job opportunities in other countries are better.
New immigrants to Canada are great because they find a job and place in society then they work and produce an income and taxes, which will benefit our whole nation, unless there


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