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Immigration Barriers Study Organizers

Migration Barrier Description, Explanation, Example, etc.
physical there are lots of physical barriers that need to be crossed to migrate to other countries sometimes. For example there are large masses of water which are hard to cross without the proper equipment and also without the right equipment you could get lost or sink in the middle on an ocean, there is also deserts which are very hard to cross especially if they are large. To cross a desert you must have lots of water and direction of where you are going or else you could get lost and dehydrate. lastly there are man made barriers which are hard to cross over also, on would be the Berlin wall which was in Germany others could be borders between countries with soldiers guarding the entrances.
financial Financial barriers are when a person cannot migrate because they have too little money to rent or buy a new home or pay for the travel costs.
legal Legal barriers are when countries have different laws the the one you are coming from and they might not except you if you do not meet their standards. An example of this is some countries do not allow people with criminal records to enter, because they are afraid they might do something harmful again, and also there are other people who want to some who haven't convicted a crime before.
emotional Emotional barriers are the most complex to understand, because you grow attached to your home, language, and country then you want to leave it all behind and start a new life somewhere else. Some immigrants cant even speak the language that is most spoken in the country they are immigrating to, which makes it hard for them to communicate with other people
education an education barrier is when a country sets educational standards for immigrants coming to the country, for example some countries might not except immigrants with a lower education then secondary school.
health Health is an important barrier, because countries do not want people with harmful or deadly diseases in their country infecting other people. But in some cases the disease can be treated in other countries.
political Political barriers are barriers where the government can imprison you or forbid you to leave the country if you have disobeyed one of their laws, such as if a country does not have freedom of speech and you do something to violate that.
quotas quota barriers are limits set by some countries to only allow a certain amount of immigrants into the country. This helps prevent a bad economy turn more worse by more people in the country or may benefit in times when there is a good economy and lots of new jobs to be filled.
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Last modified: May 13, 2001