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The worksheets on this site contain information which is used for private access of all students from Allan a. martin. By legal terms if you are not presently an Allan A. Martin Student you cannot access this information and if you do then that will be dealt with as criminal or malicious access to a computer system without authorized access. 

If you are a member of a Law Enforcement Agency, or an associate of such an agency, you are advised that you must cease and desist further entry into this computer domain without a valid bench-warrant for such entry.

This server is for private use only. The files contained herein are for private viewing by authorized persons for educational purposes only.

These documents or any following directory listing may not be reproduced, duplicated or distributed in any fashion. Any person accessing this server that works for, or represents in any way, a software company, reseller, government/law enforcement agency(s) Or any individual who will provide information as to the contents found on this server by said person to such aforementioned agencies must close this window immediately.'

This server is protected under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and unauthorized access is prohibited!!!

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Last modified: May 26, 2001