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Fundamentals of a good business plan


1. Articulate your vision accurately

2. Demonstrate your commitment, enthusiasm and expertise

3. Clear, concise, correct, complete

4. Appeal to potential investors

5. Avoid the 1st person, use proper names


Standards for business plan

1. Folder -clear cover

2. Title page

3.TNR 12 or arial 12  -double spaced

4. Table of contents  -numbered pages


5. Section Titles-body, centered (14 font)


Comes before table of contents-not listed in toc


Executive Summary

-short summary of main goals and recomendation, allows managers to quickly review where they want to go


Business plan

1. The opportunity (1 page)

-description of purpose of your business

-emphasizes the opportunity for you to succeed


2. Product or service (2 or 3 pages)

-detailed description of your existing

Or proposed product or service


3. The Market (2 or 3 pages)

-from market reaserch

-who will buythe production and why

-location, proposed pricing strategy, competition, distribution


4. Management (1 page)

-people within the business, baclxround and skills


5. Manufacturing and/or delivery process (1 page)

-plans for manufacturing your product or delivering your service


6. Financial Projections (1 page + 2 spread sheets)

-spreed sheet

-cost to develop your product or service (prior to normal operations)

-projected cash flow statement start up capital


-Show a balance at year end


7. Required Investment (2 pages)

-amount of money required

-timing of the cash required for funding

-when can investors expect to have funds back


8. Controls (1 page)

How the progress of the plan will be monitored



Planning for April

1. Business plan

2. Manufacturing (packaging)

3. Financing

4, storefront -backboard


                        business card (hard stocks for trade show and paper stock for yr. 1 students )




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Last modified: May 13, 2001