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Trade show assement

Remember in class when Mrs. McCarthy showed you that tradeshow assement for one period well here it is just in case you want to print out a copy.


Tradeshow Assement


Business venture:______________________________________________________



Personal appearance

Venture partners are:

        Neatly groomed                                                         

        Wearing appropriate clothing for venture                         1            2            3            4



        Backboard complete                                                         

        Business plan portfolios on display                        

        Business cards available                                             

        Product/service efficiently displayed                                 

        Space well used and neat (uncluttered)

        Cash/change available for transaction. Security.             1            2            3            4


Marketing P's

        Price: Prices are clearly, Marked

        Place: Display uses the area assigned efficiently
 at the trade show

        Product: Product displayed efficiently

        Promotion: Customers are drawn to your display             1            2            3            4


Communication Skills

        Welcoming handshake and introduction

        Appropriate Language

        Friendly, positive and helpful manner

        Good posture and body language                                  1            2            3            4


Overall Presentation

        Professional appearance


        Consumers are able to identify the value in

 purchasing your product/service                    1      2      3      4



Overall                              1      2      3      4


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Last modified: May 13, 2001