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French Test?????????????????

French Verb Chart

French Passe...Futur...Presente... page1

French Passe...Futur...Presente... page1

French Future Tense Stuff Past worksheets

Irregular Verbs for test (i think there is only 3)

        Futur and Passé compose

                Future Tense

                  ABOUT French Futur Lesson 1/3-Ignore the long stem chart

                Lesson 1 Quiz

                ABOUT French Futur Lesson 2/3

                  Lesson 2 Quiz

                ABOUT French Futur Lesson 3/3

                Lesson 3 Quiz (changing verbs)

            Passé compose

                A simple introduction to passé compose

                Passé Compose Verb chart and lesson

                ABOUT French passé compose - great resource!!!!!!!!

                WSU Passe Compose

                Advanced French passé compose and quiz

                French Grammar Passé Compose



            adjectives help

            -New French-English Dictionary

            French Grammar

            AltaVista translator

            Download this translator, several languages including French

            ABOUT French language page/tutorial


                French Grammar list


                French Grammar Sentence negotiation


French Verb Lessons - Tenses + Moods

A chart of all French verb tenses/moods.

Compound Tenses
A summary of everything you need to know about French compound tenses with links to lessons.

If you would like to learn about possible events, click here.

Conditionnel passé
What would you have done in this situation?

Encyclopédie de Verbes
Conjugations of all the simple tenses!

Learn how to predict events.

Futur antérieur
You will have mastered this by the time you finish the lesson.

What were you doing? Learn how to talk about it.

Imparfait du subjonctif
You need to be able to recognize the French imperfect subjunctive.

Give orders! Learn how! Click here!

Learn to use the French infinitive - it's not just for conjugating anymore!

Infinitif passé
Learn how to use the French past infinitive.

Literary Tenses
You've heard of them, maybe even learned to recognize some of them, but just what are literary tenses? This lesson explores where they are used, why to avoid them, and what is lost when you do.

Mode - French Mood
Mood refers to the verb forms that express the attitude of the speaker toward the action/state of the verb - how likely or factual the statement is. The French language has six moods - learn 'em all! :-)

Participe présent
Learning to use the French present participle may be boring, but it's important.

Lesson and quiz on distinguishing between the French imparfait and passé composé.

Passé antérieur
You need to be able to recognize the French past anterior.

Passé composé
Learn how to use the French past tense.

Passé composé du participe présent
Having studied this lesson, you'll have no trouble with the French perfect participle.

Passé simple
The literary equivalent of le passé composé

Lesson and quiz on the French pluperfect (past perfect).

Plus-que-parfait du subjonctif
The last literary verb form - learn to recognize it and then you never have to think about it again.

Learn to use the French present tense.

Si Clauses
Lesson and quiz on if ... then... clauses.

Arguably the most difficult verb form in French. Master it here!

Subjonctif passé
The past tense of the most difficult verb form.  :-)

Voix passive
One needs to understand the passive voice. Lesson and quiz are available here.

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