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Cell membrane


Cell membrane is selective penetrable

Membrane that lets everything pass is penetrable

Membrane that lets nothing pass is impenetrable


Osmosis is when material is transported through selective membrane


Diffusion is when a gas or a liquid is spread over an area to neutralize concentration


Plant cells can withstand more pressure he animal cells because plant cells have cell walls


Plant cells can break apart asphalt

Carrier proteins carrier proteins and materials through the cell membrane  


Check your understanding

1. Osmosis

2. They are alike because they both transport liquids; they are different because diffusion moves gasses or liquids from a higher to a lower concentration unlike osmosis.

3. Activist transport is different because carrier proteins actually carry the through the cell membrane and in a diffusion state there is a selective membrane that decides when it goes through

Osmosis and diffusion are alike in that both result in a movement of substances down a concentration gradient

Diffusion differs from osmosis because involves the dispersion of particles

Osmosis is the movement water across a selectively permeable membrane so only water can move

4. The tiny cells that detaching from the ammonia and moving around the room. They are diffusing into the air

They take small concentration to large concentration.

5. Because the regtab7es absorb the water and stop being limp

6. I think because the sold fish absorbs the salt and then dies, also because the fishes lungs cant hold salt.

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Last modified: May 17, 2001