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Microscope Drawing


In order to make microscope drawing clear, they are usually drawn in a standard format remember that microscope drawings are not meant to be polished pieces of work. You can simply sketch it how you see it or look at it and remember it and then draw it later. While detail is important donít spend too much time on the drawing


Accuracy is very important


1)     Always sketch what you see on a blank white paper not lined or graphed


2)     All drawings must be completed with pencil


3)     Once the drawing is complete, draw straight lines with a ruler from the objects you whish to label to the right side of the drawing.


4)     Using blue, black ink print the label at the end of the appropriate line.


5)     Each diagram must have a detailed title underlined once with a ruler. This appears at the bottom of the diagram in the center.


6)     Calculate the total magnification of the diagram and indicate this information in brackets on the right side of the title.


7)     Indicate the date that you made the sketch in the upper right corner of the page.



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Last modified: May 17, 2001