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PPL Plays god once again


I hate it when people play god and think they can create something better then Mother Nature could in the course of several hundreds of thousands of years of development. I think that’s its foolish to go and play around with genetics when you don’t have a control of all of the effects and events that could happen when you alter the course of nature and life. I learned that this company have cloned several animals before and has also genetically altered a pig. I think that its just wrong to go mess around with something you cant control, its happened to use before; The Hindenburg was a marvel until it crashed, the titanic was “unsinkable” were just pushing and aggravating mother nature by doing this, instead of cloning things we should learn all that we can so that we have some knowledge of what nature has and then go around changing things if we have to. In this world everything is connected and if we change something something else’s will be effected. I would like to learn more about what this company has done and what it plans to do in a more detailed document.


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Last modified: May 17, 2001