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Q&A Circulatory system


Which structures connect the arteries and veins?



Which vessels transport blood away from the heart and have thick muscular walls?



Which vessels transport blood toward the heart and have valves?



Which part of the heart receives blood from the lungs?

The left Atrium


Why is the circulatory system important to humans?

Blood carries the oxygen around the body

The system that ensures all cells nutrients

Gets rid of wastes

Helps fight diseases

Circulates hormones throughout the body


Which structures are included in the circulatory system?

The heart





Why are capillaries small and thin?

So red blood cells can collect as much oxygen as possible when hey travel through them.

Gases that enter or leave the bloodstream must diffuse through membrane. The thin nature of these vessels ensures efficient diffusion.


Name the parts of the heart. Why do you suppose the heart needs all these parts?

Left + Right atriums, left + right ventricles

They are needed because the heart must accommodate two cycles, one for the lungs + another for the body.


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Last modified: May 28, 2001