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Q&A Respiratory system


What is the main tube connecting the mouth to the lungs?



Which muscle plays a main role in breathing?



In which structures does gas exchange occur?

The Lungs


What are the main organs of the respiratory system?

The Lungs


Why is the respiratory system important to humans?

It allows the exchange of gases required for proper cellular function. (Takes in o2 release’s co2)


Why do you think many different structures are needed by the respiratory system?

Each of the structures performs one or more specific roles that is required for proper + efficient exchange of gases.


Why do you think there are so many Alveoli?

To maximize the surface area available for exchange. The more there is the more oxygen you can take in.


Do you think smoking harms your respiratory system? Explain.

Yes - Various substances inhaled during smoking remain in the lungs, reduce efficiency of lungs, + increase chances of diseases. (E.g. Lung cancer, emphy sema)


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Last modified: May 28, 2001