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Science Notebook Term3

Full science notebook without reflections (with articles) *.doc format

Here is a list of what you should have in your science notebook for term 3: 

Microscope diagram page 1

Microscope diagram page2

Microscope Drawing

Calculating microscope magnification

Microscope Notes

Cells video page 1

Cells video page 2

Cells Video page 3

Cells Video page 4

Chisel of Life article -need to do reflection on it

Chisel of life reflection

Genetic code page 1 -need to do reflection on it

Genetic code page 2 -need to do reflection on it

Genetic code page 3 -need to do reflection on it

Genetic Code

Firm cloned dolly - need to do reflection on it

Dolly Reflection

Cell Membrane notes

Cells Chart
Organelle Animal or plant Function
Cell Membrane both protects cell
Cytoplasm both Distributes materials such as oxygen
Nucleus both Controls cells activities
Vacuole both Storage place for surplus food, wastes and other substances
Endoplasmic Reticulum both Are channels in which materials are transported
Mitochondria both Breaks down tiny food particles and releases energy
Cell Wall plant support cells. Much thicker then membrane
Chloroplasts plant Conducts photosynthesis. Takes energy from sun and makes carbohydrates


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