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Toronto Team is Playing God


            I have recently read an article that describes that a Toronto team of researchers have found a gene that cause other cells to die off, they call it the executioner cell. I think that this is really great that we as a human race are starting to learn more about our body everyday and ourselves. They tried to take this gene out of mice and try to see how it develops and grows, but it did not pass the embryo stage because some cells have to die off to make room for newer cells and so that the embryo can develop. This is what I think is wrong because they are playing god without thinking or researching deeper into this mater and exploring the human body and how it works. I think that its great they think that this can stop some diseases but they still do not know how it works and what other effects it might have, or any thing that it could effect. After they research that then I will feel much better knowing that mankind is not trying to play god with everything it sees. I would like to learn more about this by keeping up to date on any biotechnology news that appears in newspapers or on the Internet. I will learn more about this and not just assume whatever they have learned so far about this gene is it there is always more they are just scratching the surface.


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Last modified: May 17, 2001