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I think we design is great and everyone should get into the spirit of it, it's fun easy and you can share files and information with friends or the whole world! - is a great server with FrontPage extensions

The best WebPages that you can make easily are most likely in FrontPage. FrontPage is part of Office and is probably in your start bar if you do have office. If it is there click on it and, press file, New Web,  and then press from one of the templates. The Template wizards are probably the most simplest and fastest. After you are done your site, go to and log into your account (if you do  not have an account create one). After you sign in, click "My Account" at the top of the page, then scroll down to FrontPage extensions, click on the "enable my site", after this it will take a while to process. Once it finishes it say so, after open FrontPage go to your web and press file, publish web, then type in then press publish at the bottom


Log into your tripod account (if you do not have one just sign up) then click the build tab from the top of the page and the wizard will guide you through the rest!


That's it, good luck and e-mail us any pages you might have created!

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Last modified: May 17, 2001